We Create Beautiful Books for the Self-Publisher

The best customer service. No royalties or hidden fees.
Only 100% custom books & ebooks of publishing house quality.

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The Process

We discuss a design theme for your book and I provide you with sample pages for approval. After you send me your text files, I devote a full week to your book.

I offer unlimited communication during the process and will help you upload your book to Amazon, CreateSpace, and B&N. My goal is to make this process easy and enjoyable for you!

What You'll Receive

  • Mobi File designed for Amazon
  • Epub File designed for B&N
  • Epub File designed for iBooks
  • Perfect PDF for Online Printing
  • The Ability to Add Design Input
  • Legal Documents to Secure Your Rights & Ownership
  • Personal Communication
  • Optional Cover Design

Why I Am Different

I design each ebook using HTML and CSS (not push-button software), which gives me total control over appearance and function. Your print book is created using InDesign, the same software used by all major publishing houses.

The project is not complete until you give the final approval and I have run the files through rigorous device testing. Perfection is the goal!

Check out a few testimonials:

My book never would have happened without Amy. I feel extremely lucky to have been in her capable hands. She took me from start to finish, answered all my questions in a timely fashion, explained the mysteries and solved the glitches. And did it all with a friendly, caring manner which made the whole process a very positive one. Thanks to her expertise, I am now a published author and my second book is underway. I highly recommend Amy to anyone ready to get their book out there. If it's at all doable - she'll do it!
-Jane Green, author of Home Sweet Home

It was an absolute blessing that I stumbled across Amy and Irving Street Press. After meeting with several individuals regarding my project I was at the point where I was about to give up. Then I had coffee with Amy. I knew my search was over but I had no idea how helpful she would prove to be.

Amy took a rough draft in a Word document and produced a beautifully designed book, both interior and cover, in multiple formats. She provided complete files for Kindle, Nook, paperback and hardbound editions and all of them uploaded to the various publishers error free. This project had a table in it that was causing me hours of frustrating formatting problems and Amy was able to easily resolve that. After struggling for weeks trying to put together something that resembled a book, it was great to be able to turn the project over to someone who knew what they were doing and could explain how they were going to accomplish that.

While she is an expert in her craft, it is Amy’s personality and professionalism that makes it a pleasure to work with her. She kept in constant contact with regular updates on her progress and made the whole process painless and stress free. She provided a wealth of information on design, presentation and publishing issues and operated as a key consultant on this project. She was my entire design and development team, and at an unbelievably reasonable rate. Although she is local to me, all the work was handled remotely and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for any project, no matter your location. -NOJMR Doug, Compiler of Economica Mogambo: The Desk Reference

Amy from Irving Street Press went above and beyond our expectations. She was professional, prompt and delivered a quality product. In addition, she helped us with our cover design and provided us with the extra format needed for Barnes & Noble (Nook). After receiving our Amazon format, the upload process into Kindle was a breeze. We are so happy with our experience and will be using Irving Street Press again. Thank you!
-M. Lindsey, Publicist to Filius Venus

From start to finish Amy was a true pleasure with whom to work. She is extremely knowledgeable of the intricate details of formatting an ebook so that it looks as if it were produced by a major publishing house. My book looks great on the Kindle, Nook, and other eReaders, mainly thanks to Amy. She was able to fix some errors made by another company which had previously converted my book. It's hard to know who to entrust your manuscript to these days, as there are many companies professing they'll take care of you. Well, look no further, as Amy will offer you (1) expert, responsive service; (2); incredible attention to detail; (3) very competitive prices; (4) fast turnaround times; and (5) friendly advice throughout the whole process. My only regret is that I did not go to her in the first place. Amy delivers as good or better than anyone in the business, and you need not have any worries about handing her your project! -Dan Possumato, author of King of the Mounains

I had all but given up on ever having my story published. Between trying to find a publisher who would accept a unsolicited manuscript or an editor who wouldn’t charge a fortune. That is until I found Amy Pogue of Irving Street Press. Within one week of contacting her and sending over my files, I was published. First Amy created and developed my book as an ebook, including the cover illustration. Then Amy created a file for me to upload to Createspace to have my book available in print form. Amy’s experience and warm character are wonderful to work with. She was there every step of the way. I cannot thank her enough for the time she took, well beyond what she charged for this service. Amy is outstanding in her field; I would highly recommend Amy Pogue at Irving Street Press. -Mer'a Stepan, author of She Flies with Her Own Wings

For yet-to-be-published authors, Amy Pogue at Irving Street Publishing will make your dream of being a published author come to life. In a process that she makes painless and understandable, Amy creates your book cover, and formats the book so it is ready for self-publishing on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in either an e-book or printed version. Amy works closely with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results, and is a breeze to work with. She follows through on her promises, and delivers more than you expect. Give yourself the gift of working with Amy Pogue-she is a delight. -Nina Bingham, Catharsis Counseling, author of Never Enough