Completely Custom & Quality eBooks

We give your eBook the personal attention it deserves. Don't settle for less!

Premium eBook Conversion - Starting at $250 (See Pricing Below)

There are many ways to make an ebook these days (KDP Word Conversion, Calibre, etc). However, these services result in hours of frustration and a poorly formatted ebook. Save yourself the hassle! Instead, I'll provide you with a perfect quality ebook that looks great on all models of Kindles, Nooks, and iPads.

I deliver what is considered "premium eBook conversion." This means that I, Amy, a real human being right here in the States, sit down and use HTML and CSS to code each and every paragraph of your book. I can add design flourishes and special text treatment while giving you the opportunity to preview your eBook as we go.

Your eBook can include advanced features such as special fonts, captioned images, hyperlinks, and much more. I take extra steps in my CSS (a styling language) so that your readers will have the same visual experience when reading your book on all e-readers. Here is what you will receive:

  • A mobi File formatted for both KF8 Fire & eInk Kindle Readers
  • An epub File formatted for Barnes & Noble Nook
  • An epub File formatted for iPad and iBooks
  • The Chance to Make Minor Edits to Your Book Before Publishing
  • Complimentary Light Proofing & Error Correction (ie, missing punctuation or misspelled words)
  • Complimentary Image Resizing for Best Quality
  • Complimentary Page Decoration/Fleurons
  • A Custom, Clickable Table of Contents
  • Properly Formatted Ebook Metadata So You Can Distribute Through a Number of Channels
  • Signed Legal Documents to Secure Your Rights & Ownership
  • Answers to Any Questions You Might Have Along the Way
Printed Interior Uploaded to CreateSpace

Custom Table of Contents

Printed Book Cover

Styled Chapter Pages with Fleurons & Text Treatment

Printed Book Cover

Optimally Sized Images with Captions

Printed Book Cover

Indentation & Styling from Your Manuscript

Pricing for Three Custom Designed Ebook Files

$250: 20,000 words or less delivered in a text or Word document with up to 10 images and 15 hyperlinks.

$300: 50 pages or less of a children's or illustrated ebook with images provided.

$300: 30,000 words or less delivered in a text or Word document with up to 10 images and 15 hyperlinks.

$350: 40,000 words or more delivered in a text or Word document with up to 10 images and 15 hyperlinks.

Add $50 for each additional 10 images.

Add $25 for each additional 10 hyperlinks.

Add $25 for a Smashwords epub (they have very specific formatting requirements, including a Smashwords title page).

Extra pricing may apply for books with special formatting needs, such as workbooks, medical books, or graphic novels.

*Note: I offer a $50 discount if you have had another designer create your book using InDesign, and you can provide me with the "InDesign package."

eBook Cover Design - $100

Your eBook's cover will directly influence sales and needs to be professional and eye-catching. After I consult with you about your design wishes, I will present you with two samples as a starting point. I am also happy to use any images you provide. You can view my cover design work on the Portfolio Page.

Post-Publishing Edits - $40 per Hour

So, you are a perfectionist, are you? Edits happen and I am happy to accommodate them. Simple text edits can be accomplished in an hour while major edits (chapter reorganization, adding images, etc) take longer. When you email me with the edits, I'll quote you an estimate to in regards to how long I expect the edit to take.

Touch-Ups of an eBook from Another Publisher - $40 per Hour

Many customers come to me with formatting problems after having their book converted by a person or company who relies on Calibre to do their eBook conversion, then is unwilling or unable to fine-tune the book to the customer's needs. I can open up any epub file and fix anything that you need.