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Is Irving Street Press a publisher?

No, Irving Street Press provides eBook and printed book design only. Our goal is to give you everything you need - eBook files, print-ready PDF files, book covers, and detailed information - so that you can be your own publisher!

If you wish, I will put "Published by Irving Street Press" on the copyright page of your book so that it looks professional, though I urge you to come up with a unique name for your own fictitious publishing company. I can even design a simple logo for you.

Does Irving Street Press take a cut of my sales?

Never. All of our services are royalty-free because you wrote the book and deserve every penny of the profit.

Does Irving Street Press "distribute" my book?

No, this is because distributing your own book is super easy! Wouldn't you prefer to upload your own eBook to Amazon and fill out two simple pages yourself in order to get your eBook listed? That's all you need to do to distribute your book at Amazon and many other retailers.

When you allow a publishing company to distribute your eBook, they are simply adding it to their account (the exact same account that you would create) at sites such as Amazon and calling this process "distributing." The publisher then collects all of the profits from your sales, then sends you what remains after their cut. Considering that most eBook publishers take up to 25%-50% of your profits on top of the retailer's percentage, you are hardly going to see a profitable return on your work.

On the other hand, self-publishing allows you to upload your eBook yourself and collect all of the profits yourself, plus you can obsessively track your sales on a daily basis.

Do you white label?

Yes, I frequently do white label work for a number of small publishing companies. If you are a publishing company who wishes to outsource ebook conversion, please contact me today.

Will Irving Street Press help to promote my book?

No. I will send you a simple guidebook for marketing your book and also promote your book on my FaceBook page, but I do not provide personalized marketing for your book. Marketing your book is the hardest part of self-publishing. I recommend that you dedicate some of your time to learning how to market your book and/or consulting with a marketing company as soon as possible.

How long does your eBook conversion and PDF creation processes take?

Typically eBooks take two to three full days to complete and printed books take at least a week. When we first get acquainted, we will agree on an ideal start time and finish time for the project. Often there other projects ahead of yours, so please do be prepared for a 1-2 week delay before I can begin your project. Also, please note that larger books such as textbooks and graphics-heavy books may take longer to produce.

Can I put photos and links in my eBook?

Absolutely! Using images is a great way to enhance the reader's experience. Hyperlinks (clickable website URLs) in your text lead readers to your website or other references.

Do you do Kindle KF8 formatting?

Absolutely. Because I use HTML5 and CSS3, I am able to add drop caps, special fonts, nested text, and fixed layouts to your ebook. Your ebook will automatically include many KF8 features, as well as special CSS formatting called "media queries" that allow the book to look fantastic on older, eInk Kindles, too.

Do you print the books for me? Will I have to handle the shipping of printed books to customers?

No on both counts. All you need to do is upload the PDF file I give you to CreateSpace, which is a print-on-demand service that does not charge any upfront fees. Using CreateSpace will allow you to 1) order printed copies for yourself at a discount and 2) have your book for sale on Amazon so that when a customer orders it, CreateSpace will print the book and ship it to the customer for you within 24 hours. Pretty amazing, right? They even give you a free ISBN, which is really handy.

What are your editing qualifications?

I was a copywriter for four years and wrote profusely for print work (catalogs, brochures, magazines), so my eye is trained to see formatting issues, such as extra spaces that somehow wiggle their way into your writing. I always spellcheck your work, both in print and eBook, as a courtesy. Your work looking good makes me look good, too!

How should I price my eBook?

If you price your eBook between $2.99 and $9.99, Amazon gives you 70% of the profits. If you price your eBook outside of this range, you only get 35%. Amazon and other distributors try to keep most eBooks in the $2.99 and $9.99 range and reward you with a better payout option as such. Learn more here. Note: when Amazon says "royalty option," that is the payout that you get from each sale, not what Amazon collects.

What is an ISBN and do I need one?

ISBNs are the unique identifiers that required for all printed books. ISBNs used to be required for eBooks, too, until a couple of years ago when Amazon decided that they were a barrier to entry for self-publishers. ISBNs are incredibly expensive for the self-publisher who needs to buy a single ISBN. Just one ISBN costs $125 to purchase! ISBNs are all issued through a for-profit company named Bowkers. Many industry experts predict that ISBNs will be obsolete in the next ten years.

You do need an ISBN for printed books, but if you use CreateSpace for print-on-demand books, they give you an ISBN for free.

Do I need to get my eBook copyrighted?

Not really, but you certainly can. It only costs $35 to register your book or any literary document with the Copyright Office. Here's the website: http://www.copyright.gov/eco/ and here is the form: http://www.copyright.gov/forms/formtx.pdf.

You should know, however, that the way the US Copyright law is written makes it unnecessary for you to go through the copyright process as long as you include a copyright symbol in the beginning of your book (which we certainly will do for you). Using the copyright symbol and releasing your book in a public way (such as on Amazon) covers your eBook under copyright law. Sound too good to be true? You can read all about it at the US Copyright Website.

What kind of file formats do you accept and how do I send my files to you?

I accept any kind of text document, Word documents, and PDFs. Word documents are highly preferred to PDFs. You can send me any assets over Dropbox. It's free and the best way to send large files. If you have any questions about how to use it, just let me know and I'll walk you through the process. I also gladly accept files over email or Google Docs.

How and when do I pay you?

I will send you a detailed invoice at the completion of the project. Personal checks are preferred, though I will accept Paypal payments with an additional $10 fee to cover their fees. You have 30 days to submit payment.

Can't I just use Sigil and Calibre?

You can sure try! However, I guarantee that I will give you better results. Whenever customers tell me about their Calibre experience, they usually indicate that they have put five or more hours into a less-than-desirable eBook. So, if your time and sanity are valuable to you, skip Calibre and let me do the work for you!